The Crystal Tower

The Race Begins

Assembling in Crystania from all around Taros, the competitors for the World Race arrive and are given a place to stay for the night before teams are announced. There are 30 competitors overall with an average of four from each nation. Freybend Sedaris spends his entire night drinking heavily for all to see until his twin brother Sanato Sedaris drags him upstairs reprimanding him for disgracing the Sedaris name. Eon, Osmund and Jameak “Orkslayer” Urthadar enjoy meals at the bar but retire early for the day ahead.

The next day, all the competitors meet up early for at the citadel within the Crystal Tower to establish teams. The Mayor of Crystania delivers a speech, and then each competitor walks forward and draws a stone out of bag, with the different colors designating their team. Eon, Freybend Sedaris, Jameak “Orkslayer” Urthadar, Kalvince Orr, Osmund and Sorrow are all part of one team. Each team is given a Crystal shard which is to record the Crystal hymnals on their journey. Both Kalvince and Eon try to take the crystal shard, but Kalvince was quicker than the elf. The teams are then separated and given a day to plan their journey and learn more about each other.

Within the planning room, Kalvince and Eon both vi for the leader position, but given Eon blatant distaste for humans, the team shortly sides with Kalvince. Then after additional debate over their first destination, Freybend reveals the path that the previous winning team took, and Eon realizes that Freybend is a descendant of one of the members of the last winning teams. The teams decides to Head for Kaipo first and then go there different ways until morning. Eon tracks down a gambler that is making bets on the competition, and places 1000 Gold on his own team to win, and is shadowed by Osmund without realizing it.

The next day comes and the teams all meet up at the Citadel once again to be met off. The Mayor speaks again and all the teams then rush off in separate directions. The players teams heads west toward the mountain caves that lead to Kaipo.

After a few days travel, the team is attacked by a horde of goblins and ogres in the night. After a trying battle, the team comes out victorious though it takes a few more days to fully heal from their injuries even with the help of Kalvince and Jameak’s healing magic.

A day away from the Caves, the group comes across a group of aggressive blink dogs, who Eon finds hard to believe given that they are normally peaceful creatures. After slaying all the dogs, Eon threatens to leave the group, and when all the other members do not argue with him, he wonders off, only to poorly sneak his way back toward the group later as they head toward the caves…


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