The Crystal Tower

In the center of Taros, jutting out of the ground is the Crystal Tower, an enormous structure with a base circumference of nearly 30km and an unknown height, as even the most advanced airships in Taros are unable to reach the top. The structure seems to be made out of an unknown dark blue crystal, with no visible entrances but the front base. Its origins are also unknown, for it has existed long before any written records. No known person has been able to ascend to the top of the tower because it is sealed past the first entry area which is large enough to house the neutral city of Crystania, where the World Tournament is held.

Every 50 years, five teams, consisting of different individuals from the 7 nations around the world compete. The objective is to see which team can travel around the world and collect the Crystal Hymnal from each nation the fastest. The contestants chosen for this challenge are their nations elite, hand selected through a process individual to each nation. The winners of this competition receive a wish of their choosing, whether it be, fame, treasure, knowledge even the Resurrection of a loved one.

Nations of Taros

Name: Verdera
Crystal: Awen Emerald
Element: Nature
Style: Celtic
Description: Located in the center of the Faralin Jungle, lies the enormous Tree of Awen that is said to be the source of all Flora in the world. Around the base, the civilization of Verdera was born. It’s people molding themselves around nature rather than the other way around.

Name: Wellverne
Crystal: Aether Ruby
Element: Fire
Style: Victorian (Steampunk)
Description: Far in the northern Jules Tundra lies the steam powered city of Wellverne. A city known for its engineering prowess. The original inventors of the now world renowned airships, this prosperous city has improved the world of trade drastically alongside their technological rivals, the desert people of Kaipo.

Name: Kaipo
Crystal: Ka Amethyst
Element: Electricity
Style: Egyptian
Description: In the massive Salmande Desert, lies the Electric city of Kaipo. The constant torrent of sand outside of the city generates a static electric current that is utilized by the people there. Due to this, Kaipo is constantly technological battle with Wellverne, but often times work together for astounding engineering feats.

Name: Zephyr
Crystal: Ichor Opal
Element: Wind
Style: Ancient Greek
Description: Along the great Aeolus plains, rising from the earth is a great plateau that the city of Zephyr sits upon. The plateau is constantly surround by a never ending torrent of wind, known as the Ichor Gale. It’s people pray to a pantheon of gods for their wellbeing and safety. Given the rich land around them, Zephyr’s primary export is grain that is traded the world over.

Name: Ryujin
Crystal: Ryukyuan Sapphire
Element: Water
Style: Japanese
Description: In amidst a chain of islands in the Southeast Ocean lies the Island of Suijin, also known as the Isle of Sapphire Stars due to the light glinting off of the hundreds of cascadings falls all over the island. It is said that all the water of the Taros comes from this land. The City of Ryujin is built into the tiers of this island and at the top is Lake Ryukyuan.

Name: Jormangard
Crystal: Seid Garnet
Element: Earth
Style: Norse
Description: Deep in the Fenris Mountains, within the deep Seid Crater lies the Kingdom of Jormangard. Rich in the rarest of minerals, this Kingdom is the essential exporter of steel and precious stones. It’s Blacksmith are renowned and it’s warriors more so. Jormangard values strength above all else and it is seen within all of its people.

Name: Lucemos
Crystal: Numina Sunstone
Element: Light
Style: Roman Catholic
Description: Attached to the northeastern mountain range of Taros by three massive chains of unknown origins, is the floating Island of Babel, where the divine civilization of Lucemos lies. They are a Mono-Theistic society of the utmost discipline. Many of its citizens are priests or paladins, who leave Lucemos for pilgrimage to assist other nations of Taros. Before airships, people had to climb the treacherous swinging chains to reach Lucemos, success being seen as a sign of their faith, and vice versa.

The Crystal Tower

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